Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Longboarding PE

"How many of you have ever ridden on a skateboard or Longboard before?" I asked my class of 25. Two students rose their hands.  Many of the students looked at me like I was crazy when I told them that they would all have the ability to ride a Longboard by the end of the unit.  Day one was an introduction day with demonstrations on what riding a Longboard looks like with the help of my colleague, Kyle McManus. The two of us stressed the importance of safety and covered the basics needed to become a knowledgeable skater.  By day 3 we had covered safety rolls, Spooner Boards, riding positions, and balancing on the boards. By lesson 4 the students were able to use paddle boards and hear an introduction to the kick push and turn. By day 5, the last day of the unit, the students were riding without a partner, excelling their own speed, turning and stopping using all of the skills taught throughout the unit.  I am extremely proud of my class that never could ride on a board and can now ride as competent skaters.  It just goes to show that even the craziest of ideas may be the best ones.