Friday, April 30, 2010

Superheroe's Unite with Super Students

This past week at St. Mary's School I invaded the gymnasium as Donatello, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with a purple bandana. My other group members showed up as the other Ninja Turtles known as Raphael, Leonardo and Michael Angelo. For the beginning of the day I was in the cafeteria. There was a few things to do and I began with playing legos with a group of students. We shared some stories and talked about similar interests as we built our own creation. After I was done building my own creation I sat with a boy reading a chapter book. He decided to read it out loud to me so that I could listen. He seemed like an advanced reader at his young age. After he read to me a chapter in his book it was time to go upstairs in the gymnasium. It was finally my group's turn to share our games. We played Kris' (Michael Angelo's) game first. He chose to play red light green light and it was a blast, especially with the kids' hibernated energy ready to be unleashed. After this we played my game of turtle tag to continue the Ninja Turtle theme my group had arranged. The kids enjoyed it as well as us Cortland students. After our games we brought out the parachute and played a few games with it and made some waves. The kids had a blast during this part and I hope we made it as memorable as my first time using a parachute was when I was younger. As for this being our last lab at St.Mary's School I would say it was an extremely successful one as everyone left with a smile on their faces.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Toy Story Invasion

This week at St.Mary's school it was a beautiful day out. We ended up spending the day outside which made it difficult for our colleuges to teach the gym activities that were planned but they made the best with what they had and changed their environment to fit the kid's needs. The Toy Story theme was successful. I noticed when the kids in the cafeteria were given a choice to watch a random movie or Toy Story and when they all choce Toy Story I knew that it was because we had put it into their heads with all of the fun we had that day. I was with the pre-k for the most part which ment a lot of running around and playing pretend but it was so much fun and I would do it over and over again even though it completely wore me out. The pre-k never stopped moving and were always down to do something. I proposed the game "red light, green light" but it turned into what time is it "Mr. Fox". The toy story theme continued when they went inside for snack time. While they were finishing up with their snack we read a couple Toy Story books to them. After that we headed downstairs to the cafeteria to share the exer-games with the pre-k and suprisingly they loved them. I thought they wouldn't catch on but they did and it was so much fun.