Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why Do I Explore Teaching?

I am exploring teaching to become the greatest teacher I can be. I want to be a teacher because I love to work with younger kids and I want to be the one who helps mold and inspire them. I want to become a physical education teacher because I want to educate the next generations with how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle that can be fun as well as benefitial to their own bodies. With high hopes of leading a classroom I plan to create an environment that is fun and attractive toward students. Creating an environment that students can be eager to learn in is a must! There are other benefits to being a teacher that do appeal to me such as the opportunity for family time, vacation time and the job security. But, to have the ability to pursue a passion where I am able to educate others in the subject matter that I love, will always trump any other benefit of teaching. This is why I explore the profession and lifestyles of a Physical Educator.

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