Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stereotyping...are YOU aware?

Do you know what it really means to stereotype? Stereotypes are considered beliefs that all members of a group have a fixed set of characteristics while ignoring each member's individuality. Stereotyping can leave a seriously damaging effect on a member or group. Stereotyping an individual or group can lead them to believe they truly are what they have been made out to be. For example, if an individual is classified to a group that is considered unintelligent they may begin to believe they aren't smart and allow themselves to fall into this group because of the stereotype they have been given. Growing up you may have stereotyped without meaning to. You may have classified someone to a specific group simply because of the way they dressed, their race or ethnic background, or simply by a cluster of people they may be interacting with. This is a quick shortcut your brain takes to characterize a member into a specific group without you having to get to know the member as an individual, which in fact they are. Every one is an individual. Put it this way, would you want to be classified to a specific group? This is stereotyping and teachers as well as students need to be aware of it. If teachers and students are aware of the stereotyping effect this is one step toward overcoming at least part of the problems that stereotyping can create.

Should teachers and students be aware of stereotyping.? View the following video and then state your opinion!

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