Friday, March 19, 2010

Dinasour Galore!

In lab day 3 we had a dinasour invasion at St. Mary's. The kids were roudy and ready to run around so it was a difficult day to grasp their attention but we all did our best as we incorporated dinasours into our games. I was excited to share my game with the kids but I also had to make a few adjustments while they played. For my game there were six different teams and at each team's seperate spot in the gym there was a hula hoop also known as their "nest". Inside each "nest" there were 6 different balls also known as "eggs". The object of the game was to have your team work together to gather as many eggs from the other team's nests and place their eggs in your nest. To get from nest to nest they had to listen to my voice and change their locomotor skills such as leaping, jumping horizontally and sliding. The kids did a great job although there were some cheaters. Part way through the game I had to make adjustments such as, if you cheat and bring more than one egg to your nest at a time you will have two eggs removed from your basket. There is also no throwing of the eggs from one basket to another otherwise that egg will be taken back out of your nest and put into the opposing team's nest. I thought overall I had a great game and the kid's had a blast. They grasped the dinasour concept well as they continued to come up to me saying "look how many eggs we have in our nest!". The rest of the lab was fun as we had blaze the dinasour come in to entertain the kids. Playing dinasour hokey pokey was also fun and exciting for them. There was a great group effort and a lot of involvement from everyone in the gym.

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