Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bunnyfull Day!

In today's lab the Easter Bunny paid a visit to the youngsters at St.Mary's School. The days skills were catching and throwing. I was able to watch the catching and throwing of a young boy and a young girl. They both seemed to do extremely well. I was surprised that they did so well at the age of six. There were props posted around the gym and the kids seemed to be drawn to them. Although I never got a chance to teach the kids my game I still had a great time as the other members of my class had great games in store. There were team races where the Cortland student was paired with a St.Mary's student and had to race against other teams. This was a lot of fun because I really got to bond with the little girl that was my teammate. At first she refused to do any activity but when I told her how much fun we would have and then walked away from her she quickly followed. I am beginning to catch on to the kids and the way they are. I have learned to not let them "fool" you and to continue to teach what your teaching with all of the encouragement in the world but to not dabble on one subject for a long time because they have a weak attention span. Overall today's Easter theme was a great success as the kids all left with smiles and a few drawings that were shared between the Cortland and St.Mary's students.

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