Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oceans of Oportunity: Day 1

So much has happened in a day here in San Diego. I have had the privilege today to attend and participate in many sessions as well as assist in one. I have put together a video of much of what I have experienced today although there were a few sessions I did not have the chance to video tape... (I was too buisy running around sweating my rump roast off). But I did manage to get a lot of video. In this short movie I have collected tape from a session with SUNY Cortland's PE Technology Guru, Professor Yang. In this session I assisted with a mini lesson for the iDance, the cardio kickboxing Dance Dance Revolution, and the do it your self Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles battling game using DDR mats and a paded punching bag. Then I enter the Conventions Exposition center where I find two young men demonstrating the Gibbons slackline and how it is used to work on your balancing. I also see Sport Stacking and all of the many different cups that are available for teachers to purchase. The video closes with a quick demonstration of how to throw a disk properly as well as trick passes for Ultimate Frisbee, trick shots for Frisbee Golf and a short demonstration of how to play Frisbee Lacrosse. Not shown in the video is a series of creative and innovative games for elementary and secondary education levels. These games can be modified, advanced and twisted to make it "your own". Today was a great first day at the convention center and I can NOT wait to see what tomorrow has in store! Stay tuned and enjoy the videos!

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