Saturday, March 19, 2011

The sky is my limit, what's yours?

We all grow up with dreams. Whether it be, 'When I grow up I want to be..." a police man, in the NFL, or an Actress we all had dreams because we felt that anything was possible. The only limits or restraints that we had as children were the ones our parents gave us and the ones we gave ourselves.

Anthony Robles was born with one leg but he didn't let that restrain him from doing what he wanted with his life. Growing up he was like any other kid playing football, basketball, paintball and eventually wrestling. Anthony had a dream to have athletic success by becoming a football player in the NFL. When he realized he would never be heavy enough to play he decided to start wrestling. He began in Mesa High School in Arizona. Although Anthony didn't do well his first year he was driven to be a successful athlete through wrestling. He loved the sport and began using his one leg to his advantage as the years went on. By the last two years of his High School Career he had finished with a 48-0 record for each season. He graduated with two state championships, one national championship, a two year All-American title and an acceptance letter into Arizona State University to study for a Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies as well as wrestle.

Not only did he wrestle for ASU but he accomplished 4th at the NCAA Championship in his 2008-2009 season and 7th in his 2009-2010 season as well as earning the All American Honor for each season. He worked hard and didn't make excuses for himself. He wanted to do everything that his teammates had to do including running the mile. He ran his first timed mile on his crutches in 10 minutes and by the end of the year he was running it in 8 minutes. His coach says "we complain a whole lot less" because of Anthony. He is an inspiration to all as he shows what it means to not make excuses for yourself and how success is possible when you don't limit yourself and your abilities.

His senior year at ASU is close to an end but hardly winding down. He is ranked first at the NCAA Division 1 tournament and today is the championship round begins at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. He expects to take first. He stated on Wednesday, "I plan on going all out. I'm going to be throwing the kitchen sink and everything else out there with it". The fact that he is missing a leg makes him disabled but he has never seen himself as someone with a disability.

Fans on YouTube arn't afraid to talk about their stories and experiences with Anthony Robles. Fans will tell you, "...this guy was one of the most classy and nicest people you could ever meet". Another fan stated, "Anthony you are a champ. You taught my friend with one leg to wrestle at a camp last year and now he's great. Keep doing what your doing bud. Your a true athlete and a hero to us all." He is a role model and inspiration to all.

As you can see Anthony Robles didn't limit himself in anything that he did. He set goals for himself and was driven to achieve them. Reguardless of what excuses he could have made for himself, he chose not to. Do you make limits for yourself that hinder you from succeeding in the goals you wish to achieve? It's great to have goals but how will you achieve your goal? Try things Anthony's way and don't make excuses for yourself on that road to success. For me, I'll learn a lesson from Robles and go after what I really want. The sky is my limit, what's yours?

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